Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetness!

Today, May 29th is the birthday of one of our own. A fellow blogger. Her nickname is sweetness and God she is super sweet! :D Many happy returns, dear! :) Enjoy your day to the fullest and keep rocking with your art.


I am back! Back to the blogging world. I just don't want to post about anything that I have no interest in talking about. I would like to keep the same quality in my posts and I believe I have done quite a good job so far. So please stay tuned. Updates will be coming up shortly. Thanks :)

On the other hand Help is needed over here! lol! This might sound silly but as they say:" A question might be a moment of humility but ignorance is eternal humility" ! My question is how can I put a title for my posts in blogger?!! If you have noticed, all my posts are without a title! That explains it! lol! Thank you in advance for your help :)

PS: If you read this post after someone has already mentioned how to do that, just have a laugh at my silly question and wish the lady a happy birthday ;)

18 Person(s) Gone Banana!:

Red Dragon said...

Happy birthday and many more to come,,,
hope every wish comes true with every candle you blow,,,

lol how long were you blogging mate,,,

welcome back to blog land!!! missed your posts

LOL still cant beileive wht u asked!!!
ny wy I explaind it to you,,, hope you know now,,,

sweetness said...

Suppppppppper sweet Sensation =)
Really a wonderful surprise.Didnt' excepted from anyone here ^_^

thank you a loooot man wo nredha lek bel afraaa7 ^_^

Coming later to help you.Not in mind to think =D

Red Dragon ,, Thank a looooooot and may ur dreams turn true too ^_^

Amjad said...

How come you don't know how to write a title for your posts? :-s .. There is a space for writing a title above the box where you write your post...

Welcome back to blogging. It has been a long time indeed.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETNESS. May all your wishes come true inshallah. :-)

sensation said...

Red Dragon...
Thanks dude. I know it's a silly question but what can I do! :P

Surprise surprise! :D
May all your days be as sweet as you are :D

Thanks bro :)
You guys can stop now torturing me because of asking that silly billy question :P

Nella said...

LOOOOOOL! i thought there was something wrong with your blog, thats why there was no title..but you didn't know how? hahahahahaha

a moment of humility? i don't think so :p LOL!

and this is my third time wishing our sweetness a happy birthday..

Happy Birthday ya 3asal! ^_^

a 4th time is coming your way once we meet on msn hun ;)

sweetness said...

I'm baaaaaack =P

I didn't get the relation between your wonderful question and the moment of humility ?


Sweet Nella San ^_^ ,,Thank a lot ya 3sal inti ,, waiting for you on msn =D

heey guys ,, I kept for everyone piece of chocolate caaake =P =D

sensation said...

Stop it! I knew that this would happen! Actually I still can't find the box where I am supposed to put the title!

I couldn't find that box of yours! Above the box where I write my post? There's nothing up there!

If I don't ask about where to place the titles of my posts then this blog will title-less! lol! That goes forever!

I deserve to get my piece of chocolate cake, no? :angel:
God! I love chocolate cake! :(

Nella said...

hey! then maybe there is something wrong with your blog..or template,..i mean even if i was blind I'd see that title box lol


5asarah! i so wanted this moment of humility to last :(
oh well,..you don't always get what you want ne? ;)

NiGhTFaCe said...

I though it could be your template. But, don't tell me you can't find the blank space to write the title when you put a new post?!

Anyways, cheer up,

Ohh, you will be depressed after reading that! :p

eshda3wa said...


sensation said...

am (answering your question) :P

Yes I wasn't able to find the box! It wasn't there.

And thank you very much! Your post titled S.O.S did the trick! It made me depressed! :S

sensation said...

Thank you all for "not" helping! :P

I found out from somewhere else. It turned out to be an option in the blog. You can find it in blogger dashboard, settings and then going to formatting tab. There is an option there which allows you to choose whether you want to show the title box or not. Mine was set to "NO" and once I changed it to "YES" I was able to find the box. Cheers!

NiGhTFaCe said...

But, how turned to be disabled?! By default its enabled. Must be your fault! :p

sensation said...

loool! You could have been a smart pants and told me to check it! I think it's a bit too late now, isn't it? :P

Missy said...

hahahahhahaha u dumbieee :P u need some lessons in "how to be less dumb than u really are" .. how could u ask such a question?!?! like seriously HOW HOW HOW?! hhhaah :P

Happy belated birthday sweetness :D!! May all your dreams come ture

sensation said...

Hey! I wasn't been able to see the title box, okay! :(
You evilness! :P

Deem said...

Happy Birthsay Sweetness :)

I don't see any problem with asking! and its not silly :)

Mo 3eeb enna elwa7ed yes2al, el3eeb enna ytem ma y3arf ;)

And Im in wordpress, so ma3arf :)

Haaa wain el update :P

Missy said...

I think u said ur back?
LIAR! :@