Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Breaking News!

Muscat, Reuters,

Wednesday, March 28th 2007

Sensation is sick! Apparently suffering from a cough and a headache all day long and feels like fever is on the way too! Due to the current medical situation Sensation will be spending the weekend in bed. “It’s not all bad, you know. At least this will force me to do some reading which has been pending for quite a while already!” Sensation disclosed.

Reporters say that Sensation, the director of one of the most famous Omani blogs titled “Going Banana” got the infection from a colleague at college. It all started when the sick colleague shared the same study table with Sensation and other colleagues while working on an assignment. Latest reports show that Sensation and another colleague caught the infection and felt ill only one day after the incident took place. Sensation wants to assure that his come back will be the bomb! New posts are expected to be published in the coming few months along with books reviews and much, much more!

23 Person(s) Gone Banana!:

Abs said...

Loool, poor you. Actually I was feeling kinda sickish today after work and went straight to bed after having gobbled two panadols. I woke up sluggish in the evening, but now it feels ok.

Main thing i think for you is to drink lots of fluids, and make sure you have fluids with lots of vitamin C, i.e oranges, lemon juice etc. Honey too.

Get well and here's wishing you a boring weekend mwahahaha!!

sensation said...

Sickish, sluggish, turkish!
That rhymed!

I hope none of my loyal readers is from Turkey! Orelse I am doomed! :P

Thanks for the tips and for wishing me boring weekend! You "tooooot" :P :D

Talal said...

Now thats what i call an interesting reading, Keep it up and i might be your No.1 Fan.

Inshallah by taking Abs's advice, youll be fine.

And nothin more relaxing than relaxation :).

Red Dragon said...

and I thought I'd never see you sick,, I was wondering whn the hell you gona be sick,,,

at last my wish has been granted :)

So there will be no annoying ads for the time you being sick, NICE

Hope you stay sick and take the sickness of me & my four girls, so we may never be sick again,,,

Amjad said...

Get well soon bro ...

sweetness said...

Seems you don't have quizzes waiting you on Sunday, that's why you inflected =P

Well, it's a nice break ;>

Be Slama insha'allah ^_^

sensation said...

Welcome welcome! :D
Glad that you liked it bro :)

Yeh, I need to see a doc today ASAP :(

I'll be honored to have as my No.1 fan ;)

Red Dragon...
Only in your dreams you reptiles freak! I will make sure to come online just to advertise for your favorite portal, "Going Banana" :D
Nyahahahahahahaaaaaaaa (6)

You and your four girls?!! The four of them will dump you! :P
Today girls are not into the idea of sharing their man ;)

By the way, you'll lose all your heat because of those sickness wishes you wished me! You sicko! :P (6)

Thank you bro :)

Red Dragon said...

First of all,,,

it is not my favorite portal,,

2nd, ny more Ad of ur blog in mine,,, I will delete it :p (my blog my rules,,,

3rd, I am just kidding Hope you a healthy sleep for the weekend,,,

No hard feelings, It is all part of the show,,,

Red Dragon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sensation said...

Ain't you just sweet? :D
Yeah, I don't have any quizes on next week! Thank God!
Allah yeslmik ya rab :)

Red Dragon...
1st of all, it is!
2ed .. Thanks for the hospitality in your blog! :P
3rd .. hahahaaa! I know ;)
Alright showman! Let the showwwww begin! :D

Nella said...

aww, salamat! Get well soon ^_^

I feel like I’m getting sick too..sore throat :(

And you should quit that Mechatronics..go into advertisement! You’re so good at's like there is an Ad in every two words =P

wishing you a quick recovery ^_^

Oblivious said...

Tell Sensation I said "salamat"! just give me the guy's address and he'll regret it :P

sensation said...

Allah yeslmik ya rab :)
Oh you too? Please don't!

hahahahaa!! You think so? Actually I thought of it! :P
It's too late though :think:
Thanks dear for your sweet words and stay healthy :)

Sensation says "Allah yeslmik ya rab"
Regarding the address he is saying that he is willing to take the risk ;) :D :P

TripleTee said...

sensation news article :XD:...

Uros said...

I hope u`ll get well soon my dear friend!!
I`m the camera man :)

sensation said...

Thank you my friend :)

hahahahaaa!! You still remember? :P

For those of you whom are wondering :P
After watching the movie "Blood Diamond" I kept on repeating the line "I'm the camera man" in a funny African accent :D :P

It sounded good especially that I was holding a camera while saying it! :P

Noors said...

Awww you poor thing, salamat!

Nevertheless, I must admit, this post made me laugh!

Get plenty of rest, that's what you need, lots of fluids ba3ad. And if you have a sore throat then I heared ginger helps a lot.

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

looool, you got sick but still you're funny! Get well soon, man lool.

sensation said...

Hey there :D Allah yeslmik ya rab :)
Glad to know that it made you laugh ;) :D :P

Well, I spent most of the day, Friday, in bed! I slept from almost 3.30pm till 9.30pm!!!!

I didn't imagine I can do that but I did it! lol!

Thanks for the tips, doc ;)

Hey man! :D
Thanks dude :)

Fast_HacKinG said...

I think, I am not gonna be close to you any time soon! Once I see you, I'm gonna RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNN and scream in the lab, SENSATION is INFECTED :P

LoL, hope you will get better soon inshallah ;)

sensation said...

fast hacking...
loool!! :P
You still hang around my blog! I mean you still read it?!! :P

Thanks man! And keep the secret ;) :P

Anonymous said...

dude i told u 10000 times don't eat lotta books :P
looool kidding
salamat get well soon!


sensation said...

Who does that? :think:

Allah yeslmik ya rab :)
Thank you