Monday, April 02, 2007

Sensation, the writer

First of all I want to say "I'm back!"
I am better now, alhumdullah :) Thank you all for your kind comments and for asking about me in my SB :)

Why do I write? In other words, why do I blog for? I was asking myself this question over and over again. The thing that triggered the question is your requests guys asking me to update :)

Now that I have readers and fans out there who just can’t get enough of my writings, I feel obligated towards the nation… The poor and the homeless… loool
>>> That sounded more like a speech, eh?
Talk about an inflated ego! :P

The question is: do I like it? i.e having somebody reading what I write… Ofcourse I do! But on the other hand it makes me think of them and try in a way or another to satisfy their tastes and keep them addicted to “Going Banana”

But you know what? That’s not me! It’s just not the way I am! I write whatever crosses my mind and I believe that what makes me unique in my writing style than the other bloggers. Currently I am staring at the screen not knowing what to add to this! :P

I think that’s it for today… Your views and comments are very much welcome :)

PS: Abs, I started using the letter size "Normal" instead of "Large"
I think one of the reasons that made my previous posts look quite lengthy is that I used to use the letter size "Large" I just felt that it was easier to read and more relaxing for my precious readers eyes ;)
Giving it a second thought, I find this font size which I am currently using quite readable too...

24 Person(s) Gone Banana!:

Amjad said...

Yes .. Blog about whatever interests you, not about whatever interests your readers.

sensation said...

Thank you! :)
I certainly will :D

Nella said...

that's my mechatronics lol
your blog...your rules! ;)

the new font looks very nice btw..i like it ^_^

and don't bother thinking about it.
you're interesting whether you blog about what interests you or what interest us :D

stay Banana! =P

Oblivious said...

I'd be lying if I said I got what was that about :P

Abs said...

Lol, you arse you didnt have to tell me you changed your font, just so I could think you're writing shorter posts! Just feel free and write long posts man, if im in a good mood, I'll comment! And most of your readers like what you write especially when it's longer, so dont feel shy now.

And ofcourse your posts better cater to my tastes otherwise i aint reading here, but i want you to sprinkle your magical thoughts into what you write for yourself too. Got it? No? Go back to Red Dragon you cheater!

Oblivious said...

LOL!..Arse? haha..that's waaay too British for me! lol. It's been so long since I last heard someone saying "arse"...this summer inshallah :P

Seno...Abs is jealous of Red.D...shame on you!

Nella said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG! that was a good one Abs..cheater? hahahahahaha

sorry sensation..i just had to ;)

Red Dragon said...

Your blog sucks,,,

but not you!!!

ah well, Who the hell write wht he thinks about, you should write about wht the readers wana read!!!

so I just want to know about ur Monkey life,,, (since you love banana)

sensation said...

Thank you dear! Let's spread around the Banana spirit ;)

Btw I like the word "SPRINKLE"! :)
See only little things make me happy! I don't ask for too much *-)

How dare you calling me a cheater while I am making big changes in my life style just to please you? I am really shocked! You know what forget it!

Are you blond?
Because if you are that would make you a perfect lebanese! ;)
>> Sensation is on his knees
Would you marry me?

Red Dragon...
Are you trying to be funny?
Would you try harder next time please?

Red Dragon said...



I suck,,,

sensation said...

You do sometimes :)
But you are "okay" as an average :P
Nyahahahahaaaa! (6)

sweetness said...

Well tell me, you are talking about how to be unique here ?

BTW :I like ur blog, it's almost seems like ( 7kayat ma qabal el noum ) =P

j\k ,, nice blog and posts too.My test ;)

Noors said...

We all write according to who we are, that's what makes are blog so different and unique in their own way!

sensation said...

Here is your comment! Be calm! lool! :D
Your comment is saved right away. I just need to come online and make it appear along with the other comments :)
This way I can filter out some of the comments which I don't approve. I wish I could give exceptions to some people so that their comments appear right away. If that's was possible you'd be on the top of my list :)

But you are missing the point, no? The point I am trying to make is that I am super unique! looooool!!! j/k

Thank you dear for your comment :)

Missy said...

It's my first time i dont know what to say. WB, maybe? lol

I always ask myself the same question. Why do I blog? All I know is that I dont do it to please my readers, I do it for myself, to vent my emotions.

Hmmm or maybe a lil of both!!!:)

sensation said...

Hello Missy
Welcome to going Banana! :D

I think the mixture of both is the secret solution! lol!

Thanks for passing by and come again! :)

Silent Waves said...

Keep blogging, u got a unique way indeed :)& a good sense of humor.

sensation said...

Silent waves...
Thank you dear :)
That really cheered me up :)

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

It's ok to write long post, don't have to mind about it. I mean, I usually skip long posts when I get so busy and don't have time to read, but just as time is available, I re-open and read it.

Oblivious said...

I'm not!!

iamnasra said...

Im glad you have no reason to blog and you still blog (Just kidding) ... Since Im one of your fan you have to keep up and see my taste of reading ..LOL

sensation said...

You are the guy! I mean .. You are the man! :D
Thanks bro

It's not really up to you to decide :) :P loool!!! That sounded funnier than I thought once I said it! :P

Your wish is my command. What do you like to blog about? (a)
>> Am I sweet or what? :rolleyes:

sensation said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FAITH said...

What makes the blogger unique in his posts is how truthful and simple is his blog, the more it reflects you the more special and differen it becomes...

Keep up the great job, and come back in blogging world =)