Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A new free service!

This was not the first time I watch this specific episode of Oprah’s show. Actually it was the second time but it still moved me and put a huge smile on my face the same way it did in the first time I watched it. A man waving a huge cartoon board with two words on it “Free Hugs”. The guy simply stands in the middle of the streets and lifts his sign up offering a free service, hugs that is! Crazy, huh? Some say creative while others call him an outcast! (By the way, I highly value crazy people and crazy ideas! And I am trying my best to be as much as crazy as I can be!)

The story is like the following… The guy Juan Mann (pronounced “one man”) who has been living over seas in the UK for a while and once he gets back home he finds that most of his friends and neighbors moved out. The guy feels quite lonely and starts thinking of something to cheer up the people around him. The first thing that strikes his mind is to offer free hugs!

It is really amazing how a simple thing like a hug can put a smile on a person’s face, regardless of the person giving the hug. A total stranger in this case... It can change the receiver’s mood and make him/her feel better. The customers of Juan are of all ages and from both genders. One shot that I cannot erase from my memory is the look on the face of this old lady (60 years old at least) while and after Juan gives her a hug. It was a calm smile that can fill any of your guys’ hearts with joy and serenity. Your eyes might tear up as well as you are watching Juan practicing his free of charge service.

The story of Juan reminded me of a discussion I had with a friend a while ago. He was telling me about this Khaliji(from the Arabian Gulf region) guy who was at the airport meeting up with his family. My friend was telling me how his children ran towards him and hugged and kissed him. That was quite a surprising scene for my friend since it is not quite common in his family. The question is why do Omanies in general find it difficult to show their love and affection towards their loved ones. Be it a wife or a child… a dear brother or a loving sister? I don’t want to discuss the issue of showing love in public as that’s not our subject here. I am discussing those families where a 6 year’s old boy shakes hands with his parent as they are leaving or arriving from abroad. And do we need to wait for the moment that we travel so that we can give a hug to our children, brothers or sisters?

Juan in ACTION!

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Red Dragon said...

Free hugs!!!

come girls lets have a big hug!! :)

well who said we dont hug!! I allways hug every one!!! every time I come back from travle I give a big hug to every one!! LOL my father hates it whn I gives hugs since I turn every hug into a setuation,,, LOL

yea Y we shouldnt hug!! Lets spread the LOVE!!

sensation give me a big Hug bro!!!

sensation said...

Come girls? Don't be sick minded all the time! :P

Well it's good to know that :)
Hugs man ;)
>> I swear it's an inncocent hug! Oblivious please don't start!

Here's a deal for you guys. Anyone who comments on this post gets a free hug :)
And yes YOU better comment on my post or you are dead meat! :)

Amjad said...

I would always offer free hugs for females :-p

Man, love and respect are not shown only by hugs. My Omani friends always kiss their parents' heads and hands whenever they see the, and I guess most of Omanis are like that. I really really really admire this and think it shows how they love and respect their parents. They always show their parents that they love them and respect them, by kissing their heads and hands, instead of hugging them whenever they see them.

sensation said...

Thank you Amjad for commenting :)

I do agree that love is not only shown by hugs and there are other ways to show our love. And I do that part of kissing my parents hands when I see them :) Thank you for pointing that out...

I just want to say that love and respect are two different things. Someone might respect their parents but without loving them or love their parents but without respecting them, or can't they?

The question which arises here is why don't we have the full package? Hugs, kisses on hands/cheeks? I can use the same technique as yours saying that aren't there other ways of showing respect other than kissing your parents hands and heads?

I think I will spit this out! I can't take it anymore.. People hereby I am revealing one of secrets! I am more of a hugs person than a kisses person! lol! Strange, eh? Yeah, I like hugs!
Okay now you can have your laughter! :P :D

Nella said...

i cried watching that! XD very moving.. *sniff*

i love hugs! nothing touches me more than a good long tight hug! ^_^ really..you just feel the love and the passion of moms, kids, sisters..everyone!

coz it's warm and close to the heart

same goes for when i need to let it out and cry..i just hug my sister and get it all out, it's comforting

it's just a hug! and it'll make you smile and feel..umm,i don't know

but its far beyond great! ^_^

spread the love..all we need is love anyways

great post senso..like always
you can advertise as much as you want..it's worth it ^_^

somehow an off-topic:
the video is so freakin amazing! awesomeness man!
and i so love the song! i had a couple of sick puppies but this one is totally smashing!
yup..an off topic lol! :P

Oreo Madness said...

oh yeaaah i've seen that episode.
wallah that guy is very creative mashallah!
luved the idea;*

sweetness said...

Love is not only by hugging our beloved, love is how to treat them nicely and care about them in every single minutes in way keep them happy .

You know , some time I feel is to smile to any people we faced in our daily life as greeting them is a big hug in way we don't know.


Nice update ^_^

NiGhTFaCe said...

I don't like hugs! :S

I still can do crazy stuff!

sensation said...

So after all you are a hugs person just like me, huh? :P :D
Why do you think the other people don't appreciate hugs as we do?

Thank you very much dear :)
I am so glad that enjoyed this post :) I had to make it special since I haven't posted for quite a while and I do like how it turned out to be ;)

oreo madness...
I looooove oreo too! No really, I am a big fan of yours! :P
First welcome to my blog, I hope that you had and will have a good time around my place :)

Yes he is creative :)
These are the types of crazy stuff I admire. Crazy in the sense of creativity :)

Yes, sweetness :) Hugs are not the only mean of showing love but they are ONE of the means anyway!
I am glad that you liked the topic :)

lol! Why not? :P
The hug I am offering for whomever comments here is compulsory!
Crazy stuff rock, don't they? ;)

Oblivious said...

I'll do this!!! it's cool! for cute ppl only though :P

sensation said...

Right! :rolleyes:
You person!

>> leaves the room and slams the door!

eshda3wa said...

thats so nice!

hugs do make a differance

i myself love hugs

i hug all my loved once every time i see them

el7mdela my family has no problem with showing affection

infact i think we go over the top with affection :)

nice blog :)

sensation said...

Hey there :) Welcome to my blog, I hope you will enjoy it ...

It's really cool that your family doesn't have a problem with showing affection :)

I think the way we are raised has a major role in this. The way families raise their kids here in Oman is a bit different from Kwuait.

Btw, Kwuait is on my list of countries I want to visit :)

Deem said...

ITs not only Omanies,, its all Gulf countries!! Don't why... Maybe because of their past and how difficult life they had methel ma ygoloon "Faqed elshay2 la ya36eeh"...

I beleive that hugs could change ur mood, and I love to hug others, even and I'm one of those who doesn't normally get hugs "Bs belmonasabaat" :P

sensation said...

Deem the white rose!!! :D
Welcome to my blog :)

Thank you for the insight :) This is the beauty of having readers from different countries instead of only one :)

I don't believe in the saying Fagid el shay2 la y3teeh (The one who hasn't got the skill or ability cannot give it out to people around him?) Sorry for the bad translation! I am not a translator anyway! :P

I think people can change ONLY if they want to ofcourse ;)
And those parents who have been deprived from love and affection can still learn how to give love. We have to break the chain somewhere, no? :)

I can see more and more people who love hugs and aren't getting enough! :)

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love white roses too btw! Even more than red/pink roses which made the people around me wonder if I am normal or not! lol! :)

Missy said...

uuu oldieeee! i've watched this show long time ago. :P I love hugs <3333! send this guy to bahrain lol

sensation said...

Hala missy :)
loool! yeh it has been quite a while since this show was aired! But I only started thinking of blogging about this when I watched it for the next time! :P

You want me to send him to Bahrain? You sure? :P
I think the elders will beat the crap out of him! loool! I think he is better away. He was in Sydney I believe..

Missy said...

what do u think of me being the Bahraini version of him? hahahaha! :P

Anan said...

where was that free hug last night when i needed one?
i only got electronic ones, on msn.


sensation said...

Dear, I won't think in such a case! I'll get a ticket and BOOM! I am in your face claiming my hug!
>> So desperate to get a hug! :P :D

Hellooo there! :)
Why didn't you call me? See, not my fault! :P
Well you know those electronic ones are quite enough at times! :)

Nella said...

sensation maybe they don't see the need to express their feelings?
I'm not sure..but some don't see the need to show their love by hugging, kissing and well, showing it in general..

btw, I'm still addicted to the song played..and i've watched the video about 15 times now XD ..

not to mention that i really really love the idea Juan came up with..

lets all have one big group hug! ^_^

sensation said...

Yeh, that might be a possibility! Some people think and say that the other person "knows" that I love them, I don't need to hug/kiss them to show it!

15 times?!! loooool!!! Okay you are really addicted to it! :P

The idea is brilliant! I loved it too! It's amazing how a simple hug can mean so much and how we don't pay attention to those little things which can make a hug difference..

hugs dear! ^_^

Anan said...

I'm sorry I didnt call. :c loool!
desperate times call for desperate measures.
Yes, they were quite enough since I got like 92839284937209381029 of them! :D

sensation said...

Then what were you exactly whining about? :think:

Silent Waves said...

Intersting. this clip makes me smile n laugh too.
u no this showing love issue in gulf I aslo thot abt n discussed too. we are v. reserved I think. bt 4 me 3adi I show my love to my niece & nephew at home in public places, infront of any1.

v. nice clip sensation. thnx 4 sharing.

sensation said...

silent waves aka blue waves...
I do agree with you! We care so much about what others will think of us if we do sth instead of thinking whether it's the right thing to do or not! Strange, eh?

I am glad that you liked the clip dear :) Keep visiting ;)

Andre said...

If seen that one to oprah I mean.
in holland you got the free wave goodbye when you take the train.
that´s funny to i think.
And i linked to your blog i hope you do the same.

sensation said...

Hey Andre!
Welcome to my blog :)
I'll surely add you too :)

Thanks for passing by!

G-chan said...

Do you know how many times I literally watched this vid! It's very very sweet.

The part with the old lady at the beginning destroyed me! It was very sweet. Glad she actually hugged, it seemed like she needed one as well!

It saddens me about what you said about the Khaleeji families (I didn't even know that!).

There's absolutely nothing wrong with showing love!!!

Nice post!!!


sensation said...

Glad that you liked it dear :D
I have watched plenty of times, myself! LOL :p